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Prescription/Non-Prescription Medication Form

When Should My Child Stay Home from School?

  • Bringing Medication to School
    Edgewood's policy is that the parent or responsible adult will deliver medications (either prescription or non-prescription) to the school nurse or office staff. This is to ensure the safety of your child. Written instructions for the nurse can be provided at this time and errors will be avoided. Delivery by an adult to an adult will ensure that the medication is not lost or forgotten by the child. Your help is appreciated.
  • Administering Medication at School
    Sometimes, medications need to be administered during the school day. Please help us ensure the safety of your child by using the medication form on our website when prescription or non-prescription medications need to be given at school. This form is also available in your child’s back to school packet, in the main office, and in the Health Room. Prescription medications require a physician’s signature and the parent or guardian signature. The nurse can fax forms to your physician if you fill out the form, sign it, and provide the phone or fax number. When you bring your child's prescription medication to school, it needs to be in the container from the pharmacy and labeled with the pharmacy label. We are required to give the medication exactly as ordered by your child’s prescribing physician. If you need a supply of the medication at home and at school, your pharmacist will provide a free, labeled container for school if you ask. If the dose is changed during the school year, you will need to provide a new signed form. Non-prescription medications require only the parent signature. The form is the same one used for prescription medications. When you bring non-prescription medication to school, it needs to be in the original manufacturer’s container, unopened, and with a current expiration date. Parents must supply all medications. Parents, please remember that CHILDREN ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CARRY MEDICATIONS AT SCHOOL unless they have a chronic medical problem and their physician has signed a permission form. It is a violation of the code of conduct for children to carry medications.